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How does the boot liner attach to my car?

The boot liner attaches using a combination of velcro for the side panels and buckles around your car's rear seat headrests.


Which areas of the boot are covered by a custom boot liner?

Our Stayclean Custom Bootliner covers back of back seat, boot sides and boot floor and includes a flap to protect your bumper. If you have a 7 Seater Vehicle, the liner is designed to fit with the 3rd row seats folded flat.


My car has moveable back seat positions - will the bootliner fit?

 All our bootliners are designed to fit with the back seats in the rearmost position and will not fit correctly if the back seat is moved forward 


Can I use my seats in the down position without having to remove the boot liner?

Yes, all our bootliners allow for your rear seats to be folded flat by simply undoing the clip straps around the rear headrests. This provides additional protection as what was the back of back seat cover then becomes an extended floor mat.


Can I use your boot liner with a dog guard?

In most cases, yes. The only exceptions are where the dog guard is bolted to the floor or other areas normally covered by the boot liner. 


How do you clean your seat covers and boot liners?

To care for your boot liner or seat covers, simply wipe clean, hose down or machine wash at 30 degrees (no fabric conditioner).


What materials are your covers made from?

Our bootliners are made from extra tough waterproof pvc backed woven polyester. This gives excellent wear and protection properties and is easy to maintain.


Can I see colour samples?

If you would like to see material samples before purchasing, simply request the colours you would like using our contact us form.


What is the Lift Off Luggage Cover or Fixed Luggage Cover Option when I'm selecting my bootliner?

Certain models of car have a luggage cover that is fixed to the back seat rather than lifting off from the sides of the boot. If you wish to use your liner with this fixed type of cover in place, you need to choose this option as we then manufacture a different fitting for the back of back seat cover.


What is the Raised Floor or Lowered Floor option when I'm selecting my bootliner?

Some vehicles are specified with either a raised or lowered boot floor (normally dependant on whether you have a full size or space saver spare wheel), or have different floor level positions to choose from. Raised Floor boots are normally level with the rear lip of your car whereas Lowered Floor boots usually dip down a few inches from the lip of the car to the floor level. If in doubt, we would be happy to look at images emailed to us to make sure you get the right liner.